January 10, 2004

Dwight Wood welcomes attendees

Vice Chairman Dwight R. Wood, Jr. welcomes those who braved the frigid temperature and light snowfall to honor General George E. Pickett on the 179th anniversary of his birth.
  It was heartwarming to have a number of people gather at General Pickett's gravesite on January 10, a bitterly cold day, to remember his 179th birthday. Vice Chairman Dwight R. Wood, Jr. welcomed everyone to the Pickett Society's celebration. Mrs. Anne Minor Baker led those assembled in singing "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" and "Dixie." Prior to the presentation of wreaths, Dwight shared with the group a fable of how Fort Pickett got its name. During a recent visit to Fort Pickett, the Pickett family and other guests heard the story from Colonel David Dunn, and they considered the tale to be quite entertaining.

Later, at the Capital Ale House on Main Street, the group enjoyed a first-rate presentation by National Park Service Historian Robert E. L. Krick about General Pickett's staff officers. He said that the composition of Pickett's staff was not extremely different from that of other officers in the Army of Northern Virginia, although Pickett had more Virginians than most. Bob pointed out that the men selected for staff positions were considered to be trustworthy by the commanding officer, and it was not unusual for commanding officers to appoint family members to their staff.

Anne Minor Baker favored the group with period songs, "The Captain With His Whiskers" and "Cindy."

The Pickett Society created two awards during 2003. The first, named for the superb historian Clifford Dowdey, is called "The Historical Correctness Award." During his lifetime (1904-1979), Dowdey wrote many articles and 18 books. He was one of the first authors who delineated information that was subjective for his readers. One of his best-remembered works is "Death of a Nation: Experiment in Rebellion." The other award is named for Simon Baruch, the medical doctor who served the Confederate States Army. Dr. Baruch exceeded his duties by staying in harm's way to remain with and treat the wounded long after all medical personnel were expected to depart the field. The Baruch award recognizes excellence in community service.

On January 10, both awards were presented for the first time. Robert E. L. Krick received the Clifford Dowdey Historical Correctness Award, and Anne Minor Baker received the Dr. Simon Baruch Humanitarian Award. The Pickett Society is proud to have these two esteemed individuals as our first recipients.


Some of the beautiful wreaths presented by individuals, UDC Chapters, and SCV Camps at the Pickett monument on the 179th anniversary of his birth.

  Robert E.L. Krick

Robert E. L. Krick holds his Clifford Dowdey Historical Correctness Award, presented by The Pickett Society

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