January 26, 2008

Dwight Wood speaking to the group
At the Pickett Monument on Gettysburg Hill, Dwight Wood spoke to the group about recent accomplishments and our goals.

Pat Wood and Betty Hart unveil Iron Cross
Pat Wood dedicated the Iron Cross. Betty Hart unveiled it.

Pete and Mike Pickett with Edward Longacre
Pete and Mike Pickett travelled to Washington, D.C. a few years ago to hear Edward Longacre speak about Gen. Pickett. They were pleased to have another opportunity to hear him. L to R Pete Pickett, Edward Longacre and Mike Pickett.


To commemorate the 184th anniversary of the birth of Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett, CSA, we unveiled and dedicated a Southern Cross of Honor, also known as the Iron Cross, which we had installed at his monument in Hollywood Cemetery. The presence of the Cross symbolizes military service performed with honor, valor and allegiance. The thousands of Gettysburg dead who rest in close proximity to Gen. Pickett’s grave share the presence of the Iron Cross with him.

We continued our day honoring Gen. Pickett at The Twenty Three Hundred Club where we enjoyed a delectable Southern buffet prepared by Chef Craven and his staff. Some of the first time diners ran out of adjectives as they tried to describe the dishes. “Best” just wasn’t quite good enough.

Our speaker was award-winning author, Edward G. Longacre, and he did not disappoint! His book, “Pickett, Leader of the Charge,” is in its second or third printing and many of those in attendance had not been successful in buying a copy for Ed to sign. In addition to his providing us with new Pickett information and resources, Ed granted us the gracious company of his wife, Ann.

Meeting new people, new members, and our old friends was gratifying and such a pleasure for everyone. Having several Picketts among us was quite special, as always.

Picketts and Longstreets
Picketts and Longstreets together again. (L to R) Mike Pickett, Dan Paterson, Pete Pickett and Suzi Zbar. Suzi is Gen. George E. Pickett's great granddaughter, Dan is Gen. James Longstreet's great grandson, Mike and Pete Pickett are Major Charles Pickett's great grandsons.

Group enjoying fellowship and dinner
This happy group enjoyed wonderful fellowship, humor during the door prize drawing, a top notch speaker, an outstanding luncheon buffet and some Pickett artifacts and pictures. Suzi is wearing Gen. Pickett's handsome gold watch.

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