January 23, 2010

Group photo
What a handsome group and they all look so happy! No doubt the reason for smiles is the excellent company, delicious food and the occasion. The speaker, John Michael Priest, talked about Pickett and his troops at Gettysburg. After his presentation, Mike signed first editions of his book, "Into the Fight: Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg."

Photo of John Michael Priest sitting on granite bench
Our guest speaker, John Michael Priest (Mike) took advantage of the beautiful granite bench which Stephen Lang donated to The Pickett Society in 2008 in memory of Michael Shaara and the soldiers who fought at Gettysburg in 1863. As we all know, Stephen portrayed Gen. Pickett in the movie "Gettysburg." Stephen’s current movie, "Avatar," is nominated for nine Academy Awards and is a credit to his superb acting abilities.



Photo of W. Michael Pickett, William P. Pickett and W. Daniel Paterson, Jr. with the new marker
W. Michael Pickett, William P. Pickett, W. Daniel Paterson, Jr. are pleased that the new marker contains no historical errors as did the prior one.

Photo taken at conclusion of ceremony
Pat Wood offered the invocation following Dwight Wood’s welcome. “There was a thing to do . . . Now it is done and the High song is over.”

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