April 9, 2006

Matt Dawson, Dr. DelSordo, and Wayne Danner place General Hill's marker in the Winston Cemetery.
Mrs. Robert E. Howard, President, Culpeper Chapter UDC, holds the Culpeper Minute Men Revolutionary War flag that had covered General Hill's marker. Dr. Andrew DelSordo and Pat Wood look on.
  On April 1, 2006, at 1:30 p.m., Trinity Episcopal School's south parking lot filled with people who came to view the marker unveiling ceremony at the site of Lieutenant General A. P. Hill's first burial in the Winston Family Cemetery on the former Winston plantation south of the James River.

The old cemetery is on private property and can't be seen from the road. Smith's Battery, Third Company, Richmond Howitzers commanded by First Sergeant Keith Saunders led a procession from the parking lot to the gravesite. Pipe Major Tim Lewis Batten established the pace with a moving rendition of "Amazing Grace."

A Culpeper Minute Men Revolutionary War flag covered the bronze and granite marker. Lieutenant General Hill's home was in Culpeper, Virginia so it was fitting that Mrs. Robert E. Howard, President of the Culpeper Chapter No. 73, United Daughters of the Confederacy, was on hand to unveil the marker. Mr. Stephen Pugh of the Pickett Society presented a commemorative serviceberry tree to property owner Dr. Andrew A. DelSordo. The tree is now planted within a few feet of Gen. Hill's marker. Mrs. Leigh Ann Pickett Sullivan gave a bell pull with pewter countenances of Generals Lee, Jackson and Stuart to the speaker, Andrew H. Talkov of Pamplin Park in appreciation for his presentation about Gen. Hill.

The Reverend David T. DeJan's benediction prompted tears among the attendees, as did Mrs. Frank Earnest's vocal performance of "Dixie." At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by Mrs. Barbara P. Childress as they watched Smith's Battery's mascot perched in a nearby tree.

Private Tick Tignor and Private Andy Smith stand their posts while Pipe Major Tim Batten plays "Amazing Grace." The 1860's Richmond Howitzers 3rd Company had a crow as their mascot. The bird followed them from one field of battle to another. The arrow in this picture points to the modern-day Richmond Howitzers mascot, also a crow.
Smiths's Battery, Third Company, Richmond Howitzers fire volleys honoring Lieutenant General A. P. Hill. There had been no rain in several weeks, and those attending learned what excellent firefighters the artillery crew are.

  Near the entrance to the Winston Cemetery, the Douglas Southall Freeman girls' lacrosse team poses with 1st Sergeant Keith Saunders, Private Tick Tignor, Private Andy Smith, Lieutenant Freddie Clark, Private Allan Burnette, Corporal Ricky Morris, and Private Tom Tignor. The team name is Rebels.

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