June 11, 2005

Jennie Burwell's marker

In 1888, General George E. Pickett's veteran soldiers unveiled the monument they placed over his grave. In 2002, the Pickett Society unveiled the monument we and the SCV placed over Major Charles Pickett's grave in Norfolk. With this unveiling, both brothers' and their only sister's final resting places are marked.


The graves of Jennie and her husband, Dr. Burwell, are side by side. Janet Randolph Chapter No. 1932 UDC placed this marker for Major Burwell. According to the Veterans' Administration, "F & S" means Field and Staff officer.


On the southeast edge of Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, one can stand in the same place and view the James River, Tredegar Iron Works, the site of the Kanawha Canal, and Belle Isle. Very old and beautiful monuments stand erect on the nearby hills. Dr. Blair Burwell's section N-61 is located in this area directly across from the Minnegerode and Mayo sections.

Family, members and friends came together June 11, 2005, to unveil and dedicate the new grave markers for Blair and Jennie Burwell, whose life together spanned their wealthy, influential youth, the ravages of war at their doorstep, and familial revitalization following the war.

Stephen B. Pugh, Jr., Pat Wood and Anne Baker confer about filming the Burwell grave marker unveilings. Stephen is a direct descendant of Maj. Charles Pickett.

H. Clay Pickett, III unveiled Jennie's marker as Patricia Wood looked on. This was a particularly happy moment because the cemetery's 1884 records reflected Jennie's last name as Burrell. No one knew the location of her grave until recently.


Mrs. Leigh Ann Sullivan read a verse composed in 1878 by Jennie Pickett Burwell to her only daughter, Mary Johnston Pickett. Leigh Ann is a direct descendant of Maj. Charles Pickett.


With a magnolia tree in full bloom in the background, Mrs. Anne Minor Baker favored those attending with a song that was popular during Jennie and Blair Burwell's lifetime, "Beautiful Dreamer." Sgt. Keith Saunders, Cold Harbor Guards, looks on.


Of Jennie Pickett Burwell's many talents and accomplishments, she was proudest of being a mother. Jennie would have been happy that a young girl, Amy Loren Baker, placed a bouquet of daisies on her grave.

The Cold Harbor Guards presented colors.


Smith's Battery, commanded by Sgt. Keith Saunders, created southern thunder with their artillery salutes to Major Blair Burwell.

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