Dedication of Michael Shaara Memorial Bench donated by Stephen Lang
July 3, 2008

Dedication of the Michael Shaara Memorial Bench on Gettysburg Hill,
the site of Gen. George E. Pickett's grave in Richmond, Virginia

Bench prior to unveiling
The Michael Shaara Memorial Bench prior to unveiling.

Bench after unveiling
Inscription: Dedicated to Michael Shaara, Author, who so poignantly reminded us of the mortal sacrifice made by the soldiers who valiantly fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1st – 3rd, 1863 Presented to The Pickett Society by Stephen Lang, Board Member, Thespian & Playwright

Eddie Pickett and Hugo Duarte
Eddie Pickett and Hugo Duarte sang “Hollywood,” a song written by Hugo about General Pickett and his soldiers remaining forever on Gettysburg Hill in Hollywood Cemetery.

Before the first order to fire, Sgt. Keith Saunders raised his sword and offered this salute: "To Michael Shaara, an author with a vision, a vision that we now all share. An author who brought history alive!”



“The Pickett Society now dedicates this memorial bench in grateful acknowledgment of the consideration and care of Stephen Lang, the benefactor, whose wish is to remind us of the history of this great country. He wishes for us to recognize the tenacity and brilliance of Michael Shaara whose personal cost to write the story of those three deadly days in Gettysburg can never be fully acknowledged.” This is a portion of Pickett Society President Patricia Wood’s ceremonial remarks after the beautiful polished granite bench was unveiled.

Pickett Society Board Member, Stephen Lang, donated the bench honoring Michael Shaara and the soldiers who fought in Gettysburg 145 years ago, to the Pickett Society.

Stephen selected the 145th anniversary of Pickett’s Charge as the dedication date, but on June 30th we received the awful news that Stephen’s mother, Theresa Lang, had passed away. Instead of being with us in Richmond to dedicate the Michael Shaara Memorial Bench, Stephen was in New York at his mother’s funeral. We proceeded without our benefactor and Board Member, as many members and guests expressed profound, heartfelt sorrow at the news of Stephen’s loss.

Jenny Ivens sang “Tenting Tonight” beautifully and so poignantly that, once again, tears were shed on Gettysburg Hill.

Sgt. Saunders (far left) offered two additional salutes as he ordered the 3rd Richmond Howitzers to fire:

"To Stephen Lang, and his family in this time of loss and sorrow. Accomplished actor and the benefactor of this wonderful gift that we dedicate today."

(While displaying his pocket watch at 3 minutes to 3 p.m. and describing the color guards advancing and the companies forming in the trees in Gettysburg)

"To Major General George Edward Pickett and the brave men of his command who on this day, 145 years ago, made the most famous military charge in history."

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