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The Pickett Society responds with Gusto!

Blue/Gray Gala program

Stephen amid Pickett artifacts
Stephen stands amid Pickett artifacts.

Stephen speaking at a podium
Stephen spoke about portraying Gen. George E. Pickett in "Gettysburg" and Gen. Stonewall Jackson in "Gods and Generals," including how he came to play the role of George E. Pickett. He also spoke about the importance of recording factual, unbiased history. The audience demonstrated their appreciation with an energetic standing ovation.



When one goes to the National Civil War Museum’s website,, one will find a remarkable pledge:

“The only museum in The United States that portrays the entire story of the American Civil War. Equally balanced presentations are humanistic in nature without bias to Union or Confederate causes.”

After reading their oath to being “without bias” and knowing that the City of Harrisburg, PA saw fit to purchase, preserve and exhibit George E. Pickett’s artifacts at the Museum, it was incumbent upon The Pickett Society to make contact.

At the invitation of The Pickett Society, the Museum’s Director, Mrs. Janice Mullin, and its Director of Development and Public Relations, Ms. Lynn Smolizer, traveled to Richmond to attend the dedication of the Michael Shaara memorial granite bench in Hollywood Cemetery on July 3rd, 2008. Then, at the kind invitation of the Museum, The Pickett Society’s board, on October 3rd, 2008 attended the Blue/Gray Gala black tie fund-raiser at the Museum where Pickett Society board member Stephen Lang gave the key-note speech and received a well-deserved standing ovation.

5 gala attendees
L to R Stephen Lang, Mike Pickett, Dan Paterson, Dwight Wood and Pete Pickett.

Stephen Lang, Mike and Pete Pickett
Stephen Lang shares a "Pickett" moment with Mike and Pete Pickett.

Dwight Wood, Stephen Lang and Kristin Gittin
Dwight Wood, Stephen Lang and Kristin Gittin

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