April 26, 2008

Those attending the dedication placed fresh flowers at Pvt. Dunston's new marker.

Anne Minor Baker sang 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Our Comrade Has Fallen.' Niles M. Clark sang 'Kathleen Mavourneen' as well as 'Virginia.' Here they combine their voices to lead the group in singing 'Dixie.'

Pat Wood spoke of Pvt. Dunston and the sacrifice he made for his country, the Confederate States of America.


On April 26th, we had the considerable honor of dedicating a grave marker we had placed for a CSA soldier who served with the 14th VA Infantry, Armistead’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps.

Pvt. James K. Dunston was shot during Pickett’s Charge, July 3, 1863. He remained on the field until the following day when the federals took the wounded private as a prisoner of war. As a wounded prisoner of war, eventually he was taken to Camp Letterman Hospital, a field hospital on the George Wolf farm about 1 1⁄2 mile east of Gettysburg. Hospital records indicate that Dunston was captured July 4 and brought to the hospital on July 25th. His wound was a compound fracture of the right illium or right wing of the pelvis. He died at Camp Letterman September 12, 1863; cause of death was gun shot wound. He was 25 years old. Pvt. Dunston was buried in grave #35, section 7, in the hospital’s cemetery, and he was left there until 1872 when the Ladies Memorial Association arranged for the Confederate soldiers buried in Gettysburg to be brought to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond and buried in Southern soil. Pvt. Dunston rests on Gettysburg Hill with other Virginians as well as soldiers from eleven other states.

The prayers were poignant. During one of them, these well behaved youngsters didn't utter a peep.

A musket salute honored the memory of Pvt. Dunston.

The Richmond Howitzers fired their salute after Sgt. Keith Saunders said, 'To the memory of a brave and honorable Southern soldier, Pvt. Dunston, who sacrificed everything defending his homeland.'

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