July 30, 2005

Present-day Picketts and Pickett Society members assembled July 30th in Fairfax City Cemetery to remember one of Major Charles Pickett's four grandsons on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Edward Watts Pickett, Sr., was a remarkable man who faced life's challenges without panic and who taught his three sons that being part of the crowd was not necessarily a good thing. He was a proponent of individual philosophies and believed that indignation was a form of mental weakness. His life was short, but he left lasting impressions on those who were privileged to have known him.

Front row: Regan Pickett, Pat Wood, Anne Edwards, and Beverley Kirchmier.
Back row: Pete Pickett, Dwight Wood, Clay Pickett, Leigh Ann Sullivan, and Mary Lee Bryant.

After the gathering at Edward Watts Pickett's grave, Pickett Society director Dan Paterson walked to the cemetery entrance to have a look at the Fairfax monument to Confederate dead.

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