April 2, 2002

A.P. Hill monument

Richmond's A.P. Hill monument.

    On April 2, 1865, Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill, C.S.A., fell near Petersburg, Va., mortally wounded by Corporal John W. Mauck, 138th Pennsylvania Infantry. As Richmond was being evacuated, Hill's men tried in vain to find officials from Hollywood Cemetery to bury their General. Failing that, they located a plain pine box in which they placed the body and carried Hill to the family home on the outskirts of Richmond where they buried him in the Winston family cemetery.

General Hill remained there until September 1867 when he was removed and reinterred in Hollywood Cemetery, as his widow Dolly wished. Yet, no headstone was erected; the words "Lt-Gen. A. P. Hill" were etched into the curbing on front of his grave.

Years later, Confederate veterans and Virginians worked to erect monuments to their former Generals, and General Hill was no exception. Through their efforts, the A.P. Hill monument was erected at the intersection of Laburnum Avenue and Hermitage Road in Richmond. Prior to the May 30, 1892, unveiling, General Hill's remains were, once again, disinterred, removed from Hollywood Cemetery, and reinterred July 1, 1891, at the base of his future monument.

It was on this site just off of Route 460 that Lieutenant General A.P. Hill died instantly from a .58 caliber bullet wound April 2, 1865. Standing behind the marker, W. Baxter Perkinson, Sr., Past Virginia Division Commander SCV; R. Patrick Falci, Past President NYC Civil War Roundtable; Dick Page, Past President A.P. Hill Camp 167 SCV; and J. Alvin Slaughter III, A.P. Hill Camp 167 SCV. Special note: Alvin's ancestor, John Haden, served as General Lewis Armistead's orderly until July 3, 1863, and then served as Major General George Pickett's orderly.

      Dwight Wood and Pat Falci

Pickett Society Vice Chairman Dwight R. Wood, Jr., standing beside Pat Falci, represented the Society at the April 2 commemoration of A.P. Hill's death.

Patrick Falci       R. Patrick (Pat) Falci portrayed General A.P. Hill in the movie "Gettysburg." Pat has dedicated much of his spare time to studying the life of Ambrose Powell Hill and travels throughout the United States giving lectures about "Little Powell." Here, at the Hill marker, Pat captivated his audience with a short presentation about the death of Lieutenant General Hill.

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