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Photo of Major General George E. Pickett, CSA

Major General
George E. Pickett, CSA


Annual membership in The Pickett Society is $40.00. Benefits include a quarterly newsletter and notification of events and promotions as they become available. Tours, seminars and workshops will be available to members at discounted prices.

Kindly print out this page and application form and return it to the address below along with your check or money order, or use the PayPal button below for acredit card payment. This is an annual subscription and you can end it at any time.

The Pickett Society, Membership
3126 W. Cary St., # 418
Richmond, VA 23221

(Remember them with pride...)

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Annual Membership: $40.00

The Pickett Society
3718 Brookside Rd
Richmond, VA 23225-4730


"Up, men, and to your posts! Don't forget
today you are from Old Virginia."

Maj. General George E. Pickett
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 3, 1863

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The Pickett Society
3126 West Cary Street, 418
Richmond, Virginia 23221

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