March 29, 2003

Print on the wall

"America's Heroes" hangs on the wall of the firehouse, which has been in continuous use since its inception and boasts original brass firepoles.

    Virginia artist Henry Kidd created a limited edition print entitled "America's Heroes" to honor those men and women who were in harm's way both as victims and as rescuers on September 11, 2001 when terrorists guided jetliners into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. Mr. Kidd's wish was for the print be placed in each police station and firehouse whose crews responded and worked at those surreal scenes. Placing one of the prints in each of the nearly 300 locations was his way of honoring the heroes of 9/11, the rescuers, as well as remembering the victims, which included some of the emergency response personnel.

The Pickett Society is proud to have sponsored placing "American's Heroes" at one ot the locations. William J. Pickett, III, is assigned to Engine Company 218 in Brooklyn. The patch each 219 firefighter wears on his uniform in the primarily Spanish neighborhood reflects Los Bomberos, which means fireman in Spanish.

On March 29th, Henry Kidd travelled to Brooklyn to present Engine Company 218 with their print. The Pickett Society hopes that having "America's Heroes" on the wall of their firehouse will convey to Engine Company 218 some idea of the boundless gratitude all of America feels for them and their service every day.

      Standing in front of their 117 year old firehouse, which bears a likeness of their Los Bomberos patch (BACK ROW, L-R)) Justin Slavinsky, Conway McMahon, Rich Hoffman, Dan Newman. (FRONT ROW, L-R) Bob Urgo, Paul Morongello, Joe Daly, Lt. Dennis McSweeney, Marty the Firedog, Lt. Rich Steyert, Ken Stumpf, artist Henry Kidd, and Lt. Bill Pickett.

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