The sea of floral tributes filled the center aisle of the chamber.

    On January 19th, several hundred people gathered in the Old House of Delegates chamber at Virginia's state capital in Richmond to honor the celebrated Virginian and Confederate Commander, Robert E. Lee on the 196th anniversary of his birth.

Organizer W. Baxter Perkinson, Sr., invited The Pickett Society to place a wreath. Society Vice Chairman Dwight R. Wood, Jr., presented a silk replica of the Confederate Naval Jack.

The Honorable James B. Wilkinson, Richmond Circuit Court Judge (Retired), delivered the keynote address. Judge Wilkinson spoke about General Lee's honor, loyalty, faith, courage and chivalry and suggested that every parent could use Robert E. Lee as a positive role model for their children. "Teach the youngsters General Lee's values," Wilkinson urged his audience.

Virginia Division UDC President Mrs. John W. Lougheed and Virginia Division SCV Commander Bragdon R. Bowling attended the ceremony and brought greetings from their respective organizations.

Society Vice Chairman Dwight R. Wood, Jr.

Dwight R. Wood, Jr., Society Vice Chairman, presented the Pickett Society wreath. Joining Dwight after the ceremony are Bragdon R. Bowling, Mrs. John W. (Sam) Lougheed, and W. Baxter Perkinson, Sr.

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