Good Friday 1899

My darling little Sister:
I have just gotten back from church. I hoped you were at church too and that our prayers were joined together (in) spite of distance. I had a letter from George all tears today. He is still quite sick but hopes to be able to obey his orders to pay off Fort Wayne rolls which he was busy making out when taken with a chill. It makes (me) so anxious to feel that he is not well when we are separated. Poor little fellow, he grieves so that he did not see his dear Uncle. I have written to tell him that I think it is better so better to have his sweet recollection which he has of his dear Uncle and of his last talk with him. I am distressed by suffering or pain. My dear little brother how I do miss him in thought and spirit. I pray my little sister you are keeping up and that you are well. You are so blessed in your sweet children and in your home and friends. You must make Sophie or Liz or John write me how you are and remember I am yours for any service. Love to you one and all and hugs one and all I mean always. Mollie and Pam and Nat and Etta and Maria - Sallie and all who are close to you.

Lovingly and faithfully
Little Sister,
Your Sister

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