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Tour of Sailor's Creek Historic Battlefield

Sailor's Creek is the site of the last battle between Confederate and Union armies prior to the surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. The Confederate Army was vastly outnumbered and suffered more than 7000 casualties that day. Infantryman David Johnson of the 7th Virginia, of Pickett's Division, remembered the horror:

"We were behind... rails, close to the ground. The enemy, armed with repeating rifles, when within seventy-five yards or so opened upon us. Every man who raised his head above the rails gave his life for the venture... In a moment began an indiscriminate fight with clubbed muskets, flagstaffs, pistols and sabers. In a few moments all was over. We had met the enemy and we were theirs. This final struggle was most tragic."

Sailor's Creek Battle Field

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