Henrico County, Virginia

Original road

Walking south on the thoroughfare between the wharf and the world outside of the plantation, visitors can see turkeys, deer, rabbits and other species that have inhabited Turkey Island for hundreds of years.

  Detail of iron fencing

The lack of foliage affords an excellent view of the iron fence surrounding Ryland Randolph's 1771 obelisk. The fence was forged by a blacksmith and is possibly as old as the ancient sentinel it protects.

1908 house on the site of Charles Pickett's cottage

This house, erected in 1908 on the exact site of Major Charles Pickett's cottage, is on what is known as "lower" Turkey Island. To the east is Turkey Island Creek and to the west is that portion of Turkey Island formerly owned by General George E. Pickett.

  Presquile National Wildlife Refuge

Across the James River from Charles Pickett's cottage site is Chesterfield County. The construction of a canal that began in the 1920's created an island from what had been the northern tip of Bermuda Hundred Plantation. The island, seen on the left in this view, is known as Presquile, a National Wildlife Refuge.

Road between the Pickett brothers' cottages

This section of road is directly behind the site of Major Charles Pickett's cottage. During the 19th century, the road connected the cottages of the Pickett brothers.

  Remains of Turkey Island wharf

This portion of causeway jutting into the James River is all that remains of the once thriving Turkey Island Wharf. Beyond the causeway was a substantial wooden planked pier that could accommodate the loading and unloading of trans-Atlantic vessels. The wharf, in one form or another, served Turkey Island from its 17th century origins until the early 20th century.


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