November 1, 2003

November 1 was sunny and warm and a perfect day for remembering General and Mrs. Pickett's 140th wedding anniversary near Mrs. Pickett's girlhood home on the banks of Chuckatuck Creek. Here, F. Lee Hart III, Suzi Pickett Zbar, and Pat Wood confer about the order of events. Pat is wearing one of the commemorative tee shirts produced for the event.


The wedding anniversary celebration included trips to Cypress Vale, Sallie Corbell Pickett's childhood home, and St. John's Episcopal Church, the Corbell family church. Bev Kirchmier, Suzi and Bert Zbar are standing in front of one the gigantic cypress trees that remain at Cypress Vale. After the surrender at Appomattox April 9, 1865, General George Pickett brought his wife and young son to Cypress Vale to live for a short period of time.

Nearly 50 people gathered on the Pope Farm to enjoy fried chicken and barbecue and other Southern favorites, including Lynn Pope's delicious home baked pies.

    If you attended the picnic and fell in love with the lemon chess pie, here's your opportunity to DOWNLOAD the recipe and recreate the world's best lemon chess pie in your own kitchen!

After lunch, there was a drawing for the winning ticket in the Scarlett O'Hare 12" porcelain cookie jar raffle, won by Bev Kirchmier. Here, Dwight Wood announces the tie-breaking questions for the "Gone With the Wind" movie trivia contest.

Family members sought a cool breeze on the Pope dock overlooking Chuckatuck Creek. Back row (L-R): Edward Pope, Roy Pope, Suzi Zbar, Clay Pickett. Front row (L-R): Anne Edwards, Beverley Kirchmier, Diane Flippin. Eddie Cotton, Sallie Corbell Pickett's great nephew, was up on the high ground when a photographer captured this moment.

While some people in the group chose to visit Cypress Vale by vehicle, others preferred the water route. Skipper Lee Hart brought them to within 20 feet of the old dock in front of the Corbell home.

  St. John's Episcopal Church, although very small, is still active. The Corbell family worshiped there for many generations and many of those same people rest in the church graveyard, including Sallie Corbell Pickett's parents.

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